Helping with hands foundation

The shareholders of Barenbrug Holding BV has recently set up the Helping With Hands foundation. The aim of this initiative is to promote social, cultural and educational activities, in accordance with Barenbrug’s views on sustainable business and corporate social responsibility. With Helping with Hands, Barenbrug encourage her employees to contribute to the aforementioned aim in the form of volunteer work. The foundation’s support will consist of a financial contribution and/or time in the form of one working day per Barenbrug employee. 


What kind of projects will qualify for support?

Barenbrug employees may submit a wide range of volunteer projects. The projects may be very diverse and original, but must have a social, cultural or idealistic objective. They will preferably, but not necessarily, relate to the Barenbrug business.


What does the Barenbrug support comprise?

Via the Helping with Hands foundation, Barenbrug will support approved projects in the form of time and money:

  • One working day to be spent on the project for each Barenbrug employee involved in the project;
  • A financial contribution that will be appointed on the project’s approval.


Examples of projects 2016

  • Heritage Seeds in Australia organised several projects in the past few months. Read More. 
  • The employees of Barenbrug South Africa together organised an educational day for school children and made the necessary school supplies available. Read more.
  • Barenbrug USA carried out a project for homeless people: a group of employees cooked a meal and served it to them. Read more.
  • A team of twelve employees of Barenbrug Luxemburg organised a sponsored cycling tour whose proceeds were intended for an orphan project.