Seed production

All Barenbrug subsidiaries in our Barenbrug family have their own international production organisation and processing resources. A great deal of the requirement for grass, clover and alfalfa seed is produced by third parties. Barenbrug can be thankful we can achieve this thanks to our longstanding relationships with many seed producers all over the world managed by seasoned and trusted professional production managers.

Leading producer

Barenbrug is a leading producer of grass seed. Evolving our scientific insights and seed technologies drives our desire to increase seed production for many different varieties. Royal Barenbrug Group’s seed production departments are responsible for the international production of grass seed and all related activities. All told, each challenge comes with the reward of many opportunities at home and abroad.



Barenbrug’s production of grass seeds takes place all over the world, wherever you need it to be. All in all, we are responsible for nearly 82 million kilograms in total seed production – that’s quite a lot!


Grass seed grower professionalism, combined with expert supervision by Barenbrug Production Managers, assures excellent seed quality, continuity and a good yield.


Our grass seed cultivation offers our growers many benefits:

  • a good fit with the rotation of crops
  • subsequent crops bear yields improved structure and other positive effects
  • healthy financial returns
  • better use of the labour and machinery made available
  • few and inexpensive additional investment needed


The advantages of growing grass seed with Barenbrug include:

  • expert personalised advice for cultivating your grass
  • a wide range of varieties geared to your individual needs
  • relatively high purchase price and good kg yields
  • continuity and a partnership for life


Do have questions, or do you want to produce grass seed with us? Please contact:


Helmig Spijkerboer

Global Production Coordinator

Tel 06-53294678