Danish / Dutch success in Bridge to Bridge marathon

Barenbrug was established in the city of Arnhem,  the Netherlands on 15 June 1904. Later in history,  in September 1944, Arnhem became known for the ‘Battle of Arnhem’,  a famous Second World War military engagement, fought to secure the bridge across the river Rhine nearby Arnhem. The annual ‘Bridge to Bridge’ marathon is organised as a memorial to this historical battle. An international Barenbrug team finished in the second position out of 116 teams!

For the second successive year, Barenbrug entered four teams in the race for the marathon. A combination of Danish and Dutch colleagues appeared to be a ‘winning team’ for a fast time over six English miles. The best  Barenbrug team finished in the second position out of 116 teams! An amazing result for Ricardo Bleumer (Back office NL), Christiaan Arends (Marketing NL), Henrik Overgaard (Seed production Denmark), Christian Hansen (Seed production Denmark) and John van Uden (Back office NL). The other three Barenbrug teams finished  well, making the 10th,13th and 26th positions. It wasn’t just the performances that were excellent, the Barenbrug boys (15) and girls (5) had some great fun and team building together!


Next year’s challenge

The international teamwork within the Group is a strong base for top results. This year, Danish and Dutch colleagues formed a team that led to a great performance and lots of fun. Colleagues from Poland and Belgium intend to participate in next year’s Barenbrug team and we are confident we will see more strong performances at the event. So; Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium... who's next?


Theo Op den Kamp

Chef d’equippe