Production harvest 2013, teamwork

Colleagues in all Barenbrug subsidiaries worldwide know each other through our international meetings, visits and social media. We are in close contact and we learn from experiences worldwide. This team work has managed to increase the quality and yields of our seed crops. This resulted in better incomes for growers and lower cost prices for Barenbrug, a win-win situation that we are proud of and one that is part of a continuous process of further improvement.

Top yields from 2013 harvest

Barenbrug USA and Barenbrug Palaversich Argentina realised normal yields except for some slug damage in spring in Northern America. It was an early harvest for most species. The prices for seed growers were already set for ryegrass and tall fescue and were at the highest level ever.


In Europe, weather conditions during the growing season were very challenging due to the extremely long winter. Looking back, the short but good spring and beautiful summer boosted seed setting. This resulted in a more than average seed crop in most of the European countries.


Down under, New Zealand Agriseeds’ harvest was average to good. Good establishment in autumn and almost perfect conditions in spring/early summer led to this good harvest.


Heritage Seeds in Australia harvested good yields of the irrigated crops. However, dry land seed crops suffered significantly due to very dry conditions. The exception was lucerne seed production.   


Vision & Strategy

Our grass seed production has an international spread so that we can achieve the best price- to quality ratios and can minimise risks. The production of about 75,000 tons with a global network of 9000 seed growers is based on 3 pillars.

  • To harvest the highest quality possible with only the best seed growers worldwide through our team of professional field advisors.
  • To minimise fluctuations in quantities for a reliable production forecast. We therefore spread our production over countries with a long history of grass seed production and good climatic conditions, and we only enter contracts with reliable partners (growers and companies).
  • We aim for the highest yield per variety in order to realise the lowest possible cost price for Barenbrug and the highest income for the grower. A win-win situation.


The total production acreage of the Group is growing and we plan further growth to be able to meet the increasing sales and to lower the purchases. In line with this strategy, as well as to prevent over production, Barenbrug subsidiaries are coordinated and information is shared within in the Group so that we can optimise the production process. 


The new seed production plant Barenbrug Denmark Aps was established in 2010. It has grown into the largest Barenbrug production facility in Europe and further expansion is planned in the coming years. A team of four highly professional field advisors and four highly skilled processing colleagues handle all the production and processing in Denmark.


Rob Westerhof

Production Director