One Voice: One Global Identity

Brands are always evolving and a strong global Barenbrug brand is central to our future growth. It will contribute to creating long lasting brand values in our customers’ minds, help us build brand trust and loyalty, expand into new markets, target audiences and contribute to the growth of added value. The basis of any great brand is a strategy. And in this email we want to give you an insight into what we are currently investing in and why we want your input.

What is a brand and a brand strategy?

Branding is what makes people choose one company over another. Even when the products they offer are identical. Bottled still water is a great example of this. To look at, to taste and its price, are often almost identical.


So why does what's on the bottle influence the buying decision we make? Put simply, it's because brands make us feel something. We become attached to brands because of the way they make us feel. Whether that's how they make us feel about ourselves, or the impression they give of us to other people. 


Product: the useable item the company produces. Brand: It’s the reason to choose their product - how we distinguish ourselves, our identity and soul.


Brand strategy is about understanding the behaviour of our business and improving it. The strategy is based on the core principles of why and how our company exists and to get the fundamentals right. Knowing what we stand for and bringing it to life. This is why we’re undertaking research, both internally and externally to get a snapshot insight into the brand and market perceptions and consequently where it should be positioned in the future to drive recognition, consideration and, ultimately, purchase.