Barenbrug and INIA: Toward genetic alfalfa improvements in Uruguay!

A new frontier for alfalfa in Uruguay! Last week, at the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay, Barenbrug representatives signed a collaboration agreement with Uruguay’s National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA) to explore the genetic development and improvement of alfalfa. The first and only program of its kind, the collaboration aims at diversifying Uruguay’s alfalfa.


28 February 2022

Barenbrug and INIA

In Uruguay, Barenbrug products are exclusively commercialized by agricultural supply companies Calvase and Megaagro, allowing the entire country to benefit from Barenbrug’s cutting-edge genetics. Under the collaboration with INIA, different varieties of alfalfa will be adapted to Uruguay’s environments and production systems.

Cultivating diversity

This collaboration is the result of more than three years of technical analysis, involving a genetic base containing over 100 alfalfa lines provided by INIA and Barenbrug. “With its productive capacity, forage quality, and versatility, alfalfa has the greatest potential for reconversion in meat, milk and wool production systems,” says Juan José Bologna, Barenbrug R&D manager. “However, it also has less cultivar diversity and varietal dynamics.”


For this reason, the program aims at alfalfa diversification – aiming to achieve varieties with better nutritional value, while maintaining the forage production of existing varieties. “The emphasis is on adaptation to livestock soils, with objectives including quantifiable improvements in forage production, disease resistance, persistence and nutritional value,” explains Juan.

Committed to national development

Above all, the agreement reflects Barenbrug's commitment to national development. “This collaboration signifies a leading genetics company’s commitment to participating in the Uruguayan forage seed market, hand-in-hand with Calvase,” says Calvase’s Director Juan Miguel Otegui. And, as INIA President José Bonica pointed out, these kinds of public-private alliances are essential in enabling technology to reach producers quickly.


All in all, an exciting step toward new alfalfa possibilities in Uruguay – stay tuned to hear how the partnership develops!