Barenbrug Brazil!

We are proud to report that Barenbrug Brazil is now a fact. Since the announcement of the strategic alliance between Barenbrug and Dow AgroSciences, a highly motivated team has been working on the foundation of Barenbrug Brazil. Our entrance into the tropical grass seed market is the fulfillment of a strategic goal.

We aim to establish a state of the art factory to process hybrid Brachiaria, the leading forage crop in Brazil. Barenbrug has acquired an existing facility at a central location close to the city of Barretos, about 400 km from Sao Paulo.


The team is working hard on the reconstruction of the buildings and are busy planning the installment of machinery and equipment. Cleaning and coating will be done with high quality machines imported from Europe and Canada. This will help us to stand out from our competitors when it comes to quality and capacity. The factory will be ready in the middle of next year.


Rudi den Hartog is the general manager of Barenbrug Brazil. He has over 20 years of experience in Brazil and is working hard on finding well-qualified people to assist him. Staff will be recruited and trained on the job as quickly as possible. We have a lot of work in front of us!! Brazil grows around 40 million hectares (!) of Brachiaria. It is the single most important forage grass for pastures in the tropics. The species grows very well in low-fertility acid soils and still produces highly nutritious forage.


With a growing population and the need for more protein in the future, the pressure on productivity is becoming more and more significant. Good and affordable forage is vital in the dairy and beef industry to achieve this higher productivity. We believe that our new generation of Brachiaria grasses will help Brazilian farmers to achieve their goals.