Barenbrug completes acquisition of Jacklin® Seed Company

6 October, 2020 - The Royal Barenbrug Group today announces that it has finalised terms for the purchase of Simplot’s Jacklin® Seed business. The transaction, which includes a supply agreement between Barenbrug USA and Simplot Partners, is finalised as of 2 October, 2020. All 50 Jacklin® Seed employees will now work for Barenbrug.


Barenbrug is a fourth-generation family business from the Netherlands, and has been active in the global grass seed industry since 1904. Today, it is the second-largest grass seed company and the largest family-owned grass seed company in the world. With operations on six continents, Barenbrug focuses on the research, production, marketing, and sale of innovative grass seed products. Jacklin® Seed has been a frontrunner in grass seed production and processing for many years. It also has a strong reputation and portfolio within the lucrative golf course market, exporting to Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and various other Asian countries.



John Thijssen, chairman of the board


“The American grass seed market is fairly fragmented and highly competitive. Barenbrug has been successful in this market for many years and has grown organically for years. Through this acquisition, the company will become the market leader in the largest grass seed market of the world”.


Besides market growth, Barenbrug has for years been investing in new technologies for the American market. It has its own research station in the U.S. and various trial locations and also cooperates with universities and institutes. The American market offers many opportunities for the development of new technologies. For instance, Barenbrug is working on lawn grasses that grow much slower and therefore require less frequent mowing.


Part of the acquisition is a unique seed processing plant in Washington State in the middle of a large grass seed production area. Also, Barenbrug's product range will be expanded with many new varieties including Kentucky bluegrass and bentgrasses.


The purchase also includes a supply agreement between Barenbrug USA and Simplot partners. Simplot will continue to distribute grass seed in the Western part of the US through its wholly-owned Simplot Partners distribution network, which will be partnering with Barenbrug to supply grass seed. As such, the combination of Jacklin Seed’s deep portfolio with Barenbrug’s long term vision, commitment to R&D, and industry-leading market development will provide exceptional value to turf growers and distributors across the world.

About Royal Barenbrug Group

Headquartered in the Netherlands, and with a 115-year history, Barenbrug is a fourth-generation, family-owned company dedicated to the research, development and production of grass seeds & legumes for agricultural and recreational markets. With about 840 employees, active in more than 20 countries on six continents in all major climate regions, our mission is to increase animal productivity to help feed the world and enhance the enjoyment of green spaces. Together, our operating companies deliver annual net sales of above €300 million. More information can be found at