Barenbrug cooperation in Uruguay

Uruguay, March 2018 - Royal Barenbrug Group is excited to announce to an exclusive local cooperation in Uruguay. Barenbrug and Calvase/MegaAgro, a top agricultural supply company, made an agreement about exclusive distribution for this market. “We are proud and confident that the synergy coming from this cooperation will result in benefits for Uruguayan farmers”, said Eduardo Bayley, Managing Director of Barenbrug Argentina, responsible for the Barenbrug business approach in Uruguay.

Key player

Uruguay is a key player in the international market for high-quality beef supply. The country has proven to be a reliable partner for international business. For many years, Barenbrug has been selling and testing its pasture varieties in Uruguay, achieving top results. Combined with modern grass management, these superior genetics will boost production and increase profitability for Uruguayan farmers.

Local partner, expertise and knowledge

Calvase´s deep experience and top team will create strong synergy with Barenbrug´s international network of plant breeding, seed production and marketing & sales. Calvase/MegaAgro have assembled a large team of professionals which speaks of their seriousness and commitment to Uruguayan agricultural society. “The cooperation with  Barenbrug will provide high-quality genetic material, and access to technology and cutting-edge research worldwide”, said Ing. Agr. Juan Miguel Otegui, Managing Director of MegaAgro.


Juan Miguel Otegui, Managing Director Calvase/MegaAgro

Calvase Servicios SA

Calvase was created in 1986 as a Cooperative of forage seed producers. The Company is dedicated to the production, processing and commercialization of seeds. Since 2013 Calvase Cooperativa became part of Mega Agro - an Agricultural Services Company - and started to be called “Calvase Servicios SA”. Founding partners still continue to produce seeds and there are many employees with more than 20  years working in the Company, which speaks of their seriousness and commitment to society. Calvase is not only a brand. It is a credible proposal. It is traceability. It is Team. It is Excellence in seeds.