Barenbrug UK: Retirement Andy and Caroline Sadler

Barenbrug UK has been celebrating the impending retirement of two of their longest contributors, Andy and Caroline Sadler. With a combined service of almost 50 years, they had earned a celebration for their years of dedication to grass!

Celebration and recognition

On a slightly damp Friday afternoon in June, the Barenbrug UK staff decamped to Ravenwood Hall to celebrate Andy and Caroline’s impending retirement and to recognize their contributions to Barenbrug UK.
For Caroline this included helping to drive sales to record levels, overseeing the development of two critical departments and revolutionizing our approach to Generation. For Andy, the key achievement being how he grabbed the production side of our business with both hands and has driven through home production to the level we have today.

Andy & Caroline Sadler

Our cornerstones

Andy and Caroline have become lynchpins (cornerstones) in Barenbrug UK. There isn’t much of the industry they don’t know or haven’t seen and they have helped shape and develop the careers of countless Barenbrug employees over the years. Their passion and desire to see Barenbrug UK flourish and thrive has cultivated and nurtured the culture of involvement that we all benefit from and value so highly today. 

We will, without a doubt, miss both Andy and Caroline (although we haven’t quite let Caroline go yet). We wish them all the very best for a long, healthy and happy retirement, wherever Andy takes them!