Barenbrug winner prestigious ‘True Value Vendor of the Year award 2009’

Barenbrug winner prestigious ‘True Value Vendor of the Year award 2009’
The Netherlands    ‘True Value corporation’ based in Chicago Illinois has announced Barenbrug USA as the winner of this award for the Lawn and Garden business. True Value has hundreds of vendors in this category and winning this award is a major achievement for the grass seed company.

True Value evaluates suppliers for their help driving the growth of the co-op and its members, achieving successful fill rates and delivering the highest level of service; fulfillment rate for shipment completion, meeting expected delivery dates, increase in sales and margin revenue by dealers, vendor managed inventory, and overall support of dealer initiatives.

John Thyssen, president and CEO of Barenbrug USA states “We use this as an extra motivation to go the extra mile for our customers. Being recognized as Vendor of the Year creates expectations that we need to meet and exceed. Not just for True Value but for all our customers.” “The trophy is a reward for past accomplishments and a reminder for future expectations.”

This award continues in a long lineage of striving for and achieving customer satisfaction in the grass seed business by the over 100 year old Royal Barenbrug Group. Barenbrug is known as the industry leader in innovative technologies as well as being able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

From left to right:

Mike Clark, Chief Merchandising Officer True Value Alan Hirsch, VP of Consumer Products Barenbrug USA Todd Stanojev, Global Product Merchant True Value John Thyssen, CEO Barenbrug USA Cindy Hoff, Consumer Products Barenbrug USA Lyle Heidemann, CEO True Value Ken Kubis, Vice President Hardlines Merchandising True Value


Barenbrug USA from Tangent Oregon is member of the Royal Barenbrug Group. The core activities are plant breeding, grass seed production and global marketing of grass seed. With 500 employees and 23 subsidiaries in 13 countries on five continents, Barenbrug is one of the leading grass seed companies in the world, for more than 100 years already.

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