Drought tolerant Water Saver grass in desert Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia. In the hot and dry climate of Dumat Al Jandal, a district in the Northern part of Saudi Arabia, the local community invested seriously in a green environment. Parks, roadsides, playgrounds and many more fields needed to be turned into a Green-city for an attractive quality of life. There was only one problem: grass didn’t grow in their desert climate. Until the locals discovered drought tolerant Water Saver by Royal Barenbrug!



Drought tolerant
The purpose of Water Saver is to give you a healthy, strong and persistent green turf in drought and heat conditions with significant less water use. Because of the extreme deep rooting, the grass is able to attract water out of areas up to 60 cm deep. Water Saver contains of varieties with fine leaves, excellent disease resistance and extreme drought tolerance. These specific varieties are bred for use in extreme hard, desert conditions. They are very drought tolerant and conserve much water, while the quality of its turf is maintained. They even contribute to the stability of the soil.   


Guaranteed establishment
Heart of the concept is the choice of drought tolerant varieties in the right composition. Water Saver is available with Yellow Jacket enhanced seed coating, which holds water around the seed during germination and establishment. A key component of Yellow Jacket is Zeba, a corn starch derivative that can hold up to 600 times its own weight in water. This gives the seed an advantage because it requires less water than uncoated seed. A balanced mixture brings, besides water savings, also savings in many other areas: energy, costs, chemicals and labor.


Within just a matter of weeks, the sandy fields of Dumat Al Jandal turned into a strong and dense field, ready for heavy use. It proofs that Royal Barenbrug can even grow drought tolerant grass successfully in the most extreme circumstances!