Nuseed and Barenbrug enter into collaborative agreement

Nuseed Pty Ltd (“Nuseed Australia”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nufarm Limited, and Barenbrug Australia Pty Ltd today announced they have entered into a formal agreement for Barenbrug Australia to license Nuseed Australia’s sorghum and sunflower germplasm portfolio and carry out R&D, plant breeding, and commercialisation services.

Starting July 1st, 2020, all Australian-based Nuseed grain sorghum, forage sorghum and sunflower plant breeding, R&D, sales and distribution will be licensed to Barenbrug. Australian growers will have access to the same Nuseed products, sold under the Barenbrug brand.


Travis Rankin, Nuseed Australia’s General Manager said that "Barenbrug is in a strong position to bring Australian farmers an exciting suite of next-generation hybrids from the genetics currently in the Nuseed pipeline."

Barenbrug's Australian Managing Director Toby Brown commented that "this agreement reinforces Barenbrug's commitment to investing in R&D in Australian agriculture. We have an extensive program focused on innovation in Australia, and we look forward to developing new products and tools for sorghum and sunflower growers. It represents an exciting next step following the recent opening of our new, state-of-the-art warehouse and seed-coating facility in Toowoomba as part of our ongoing investment in Northern Australia. Barenbrug looks forward to working with Nuseed to continue driving the breeding program forward, with the objective of providing new and existing hybrids to sorghum and sunflower growers.”

Globally Nuseed will continue to provide industry-leading sorghum and sunflower hybrids to other regions through global germplasm, R&D programs, sales and service in North America, South America, and Europe. Similarly, Barenbrug will continue to remain focused on being a global market leader in research and development, marketing, extension and distribution of proprietary pasture and forage seeds, cropping, turf and seed enhancement technology.

About Nuseed

Nuseed delivers value beyond yield globally through dedicated service, locally proven canola, carinata, sorghum, and sunflower seed for farm customers and new plant-based solutions for end-use customers. 


Nuseed develops input traits for top agronomic performance while going beyond yield to commercialize plant output traits with new value and market opportunities. Nuseed's Monola and Omega-3 Canola, Onyx Sunflowers, Wholis and BMR Sorghum, and Carinata Renewable Fuel programs are all examples of proprietary crops developed for specific end-uses and supplied by Nuseed Value Chains built through industry collaboration.


Over 250 Nuseed employees work across 11 global locations and two world-class Nuseed Innovation Centers. Established in Australia in 2006, Nuseed has grown to offer industry-leading germplasm, advanced molecular capabilities, regional R&D and commercial trials with dedicated teams in Australia, Europe, North and South America, and sales in more than 30 countries. Nuseed is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nufarm Australia Ltd. (ASX:NUF). Learn more at

About Barenbrug

Royal Barenbrug Group is the world largest, privately owned pasture, forage and turf company and its subsidiary Barenbrug Australia is one of Australia's leading seed businesses specialising in research and development, marketing, extension and distribution of proprietary pasture and forage seeds, cropping, turf and seed enhancement technology. Key products include temperate and tropical pasture varieties, fodder crops, forage cereals, field crops, turf and amenity grasses. Barenbrug has serviced the summer crop market in Australia since 2007.