Sustainable maintenance

The economically and ecologically sound use and management of grass occupies a prominent position in Barenbrug’s product development. Barenbrug's GreenEarth quality label helps green space managers to achieve a more sustainable use and management of grass. Through extensive research and many years of expertise, Barenbrug knows better than anyone else which cultivars and mixtures can make an even bigger contribution to the sustainable use and management of grass.



All cultivars and mixtures which bear the GreenEarth quality mark have been independently tested by research institutes worldwide. Through GreenEarth, Barenbrug hopes to make a contribution to a green planet on which future generations will be able to continue playing sports and enjoying recreational activities.
Barenbrug has formulated four concrete requirements which grass mixtures need to fulfil in order to be eligible for this sustainability quality mark. A GreenEarth label means that the grass scores better than the previous generation in terms of at least one of the following aspects: