Barenbrug shines on the STRI list

12 gold medals for Barenbrug varieties

Barenbrug varieties appear high on the list of the  newly  released STRI Turf Seeds 2012 as is becoming a tradition. Barenbrug has again expanded its strong team of grass varieties for 2012, and with success. Barenbrug has taken the gold in no less than 12 charts. A selection from the new guide:  

Let’s start with the cultivars. Leading the 12 top spots in the annual Turfgrass Seed guide is upcoming new cultivar Barorlando – an extremely hard-wearing sports perennial ryegrass – which enjoys top-ranking on table S1. The same goes for the category “Lolium perenne Greens”, in which Barenbrug also took the gold medal in 2012. The suitably named Bargold occupies the number one position in this category. And new Chewings fescue Barlineus tops table G2, taking shoot density and tolerance to closer mowing to a new dimension for the species. 

These recent introductions complement Barenbrug’s proven cultivars topping the tables. These include Barxera tufted hairgrass (S4); Barsignum perennial ryegrass (L1); Barcrown slender creeping red fescue (L4); Viktorka slender creeping red fescue (G3) Barking browntop bent (L7); Barcesar tall fescue (L8); Barcampsia tufted hairgrass (L9);; and Bargold perennial ryegrass (G4).

Barxera has immediately taken over the highest podium position amongst the “Sports” group (S4) in its very first year and is a worthy successor for the well-known Barcampsia variety. Barxera scores high on sod density and has an incredible ability to regenerate.  

Barsignum (Lolium perenne) has retained its number one position within the “lawns” category  (L1) and has taken the gold again. Barsignum is a perfect dense variety which stands out because of the extreme fineness of its leaf and beautiful colour in both summer and winter.

Barcrown and Viktorka have both been designated leaders of the “Festuca rubra” species for 2012. Barcrown took the title in the “Lawns” category and Viktorka upheld Barenbrug’s pride in the category “Greens”. A new variety that accompanies the “Festuca rubra” species is Barprince, a perfect all-rounder for both lawns and greens.
Among the “Festuca arundinacea” species, Barcesar came out at the top of the chart in the “Lawns” category, being crowned champion for 2012. Barcesar is originally a Southern European variety, but it has proven to perform more than well in the northwest of Europe thanks to a perfect overall turf quality. The incredible fineness of the leaf makes Barcesar a perfect variety to combine with Poa pratensis or Lolium perenne varieties.   

Last but certainly not least is the new variety Barlineus (Festuca rubra commutata), which attained the number one position amongst the “New Cultivars”. Barlineus has an extreme high resistance to moulds such as Red Thread. The variety  exhibits a very high shoot dentity and it retains a beautiful colour during the winter. Because of its incredible performance Barlineus shows true promise for the future.

With twelve top positions Barenbrug has once again shown itself to be a true innovator in grass. Besides the rostrum positions, several other Barenbrug varieties attained solid positions at the top of the STRI list for 2012. This recognition gives Barenbrug even more encouragement to continue working with the best team of grass varieties to create the best grass mixtures on the market. This is what we stand for; this is why we are great in grass.