FIFA World Cup teams on SOS grass by Barenbrug in South Africa!

In April/May, all WC training pitches of the 32 ‘Team Base Camps' in South Africa were overseeded with SOS grass seed. The national teams will during the entire World Cup tournament stay at one of the ‘base camps' that are spread out over the country.


SOS guarantees fast establishment and perfect density of the pitch. Thanks to this unique quality, all football pitches will be ready for use when the national teams arrive in South Africa. Grass of top quality on the training fields is an absolute must considering the intensive use that the pitches will have during the numerous training sessions.


Low temperatures 
Night-time temperatures can be surprisingly low during the South African winter months. In fact, frost is not uncommon at areas at higher altitude. Compared with other grass seed mixes, SOS germinates and grows remarkably well under these conditions.


SOS international
This superfast SOS grass has been developed by Barenbrug and is used worldwide. It is used predominantly on sports field and in stadiums for a superfast establishment and recovery of the pitch, even in the midst of winter! Overseeding with SOS extends the playing season and increases the maximum number of available playing hours. Further details are available on