New type of grass yields remarkable results in trials

The grass seed mixture containing the soft-leaved tall fescue (NutriFibre) stands out in a positive respect in the published results. This mixture was found to produce the highest yields as the mean of all the locations. Another striking outcome of this mixture is its extremely high crude protein content: no less than 513 kg of crude protein per hectare more than the other mixtures.


Grass breeding

With NutriFibre, the grass breeders Barenbrug have developed a soft-leaved tall fescue that combines high yields with an excellent feed value and effective fibre. The secret behind this outstanding performance lies in the deep rooting, enabling the grass to absorb minerals and moisture more efficiently so that it remains productive throughout the entire year. The deep root system also prevents the risk of nitrogen-leaching, resulting in higher protein yields.




Seed mixture trials in Germany 

Every year, the German Chamber of Agriculture tests 20 to 30 grass seeds mixtures of the most important seed suppliers in northwest Germany. The mixtures are sown at various locations and tested to evaluate their yields, feed value and sward quality. The trials give farmers an independent impression of what the commercial suppliers have to offer.