Strategic agreement Barenbrug China and Beijing Rytway

The Royal Barenbrug Group and Beijing Rytway Ecotechnology Co. Ltd. have reached a strategic agreement; Beijing Rytway will become the majority shareholder in Barenbrug China. Under this agreement, Barenbrug China will operate as an independent company with an exclusive license and marketing agreement to sell all Barenbrug proprietary varieties and branded products in China. With this strategic agreement Barenbrug will enhance its growth in the Chinese market.


Beijing Rytway will further develop Barenbrug China’s business and legacy with its unique philosophy, progressive management and dedicated employees. Rytway will also benefit from the Royal Barenbrug Group‘s advanced management, excellent global breeding and seed production network and Barenbrug China’s professional team.

Barenbrug China and Beijing Rytway will work together to provide top quality variety seed and excellent service to the Chinese turf and forage market.


Beijing Rytway

Founded in 2005 with its focused business on turf, forage and reclamation seed, Beijing Rytway has been dedicated to the vertically integrated chain of plant breeding, regional testing, seed production, seed processing and technical services in the Chinese market.


Barenbrug China

Founded in 1999, Barenbrug China is the 1st wholly foreign-owned enterprise in the Chinese grass and legume seed industry. The Barenbrug brand name and its popular varieties, such as “Barlexas”, “Premier”, “Barrister”, “Tetragold”, “Hunnigreen” and “Sanditi”, are well known in the Chinese market.