The Dutch national team prepares on Dutch grass during Euro 2012

At the same time as the historical centre of Krakow is preparing for the arrival of the huge army of Orange supporters, the training fields are being prepared for the Dutch national team just kilometres away. The Wisla Krakow stadium will be the home of the Orange team during the European Championship and the place where they will train between the matches. Once again Barenbrug is laying the foundation for the Dutch teams' sports successes.  

Only the best grass
Groundsman Andrzej Antosz is responsible for the quality of the turf in the Krakow stadium. “After the Polish season comes to an end I have exactly four weeks to get the field up to the mark,” said Antosz. “I have been working with Barenbrug for many years now and as long as I work with the yellow bags I know what to expect: top quality”. Because of his expertise and experience Andrzej Antosz is a well-respected man in the world of groundsmen, so the Orange team is in good hands. 

In order to obtain the right quality of turf all the fields will be overseeded. Together with Barenbrug Poland, Antosz’ choice of grass seed mixture is Barenbrug Speedy Green. Thanks to this mixture the field will be in perfect condition before the Dutch team arrives, creating a beautiful training location. 

Other locations
Not only the Dutch train on Barenbrug grass. The Italian, Polish, Danish, Portuguese, Irish, and the English national team will prepare themselves for success on the Dutch grass. In almost all cases bags of Speedy Green are ready to use in case of any damage to the field, but even the revolutionary RPR technology is used to provide the best sward possible.

The Wisla Krakow stadium, basecamp for the Dutch team during Euro 2012