'I can hardly believe the extra yield compared with last year.'

See it. Solve it.

We love to see farmers enjoying their work, kids playing on soft grass, and cows eating nutritious forage. This is why we offer the best turf and forage solutions. Because our customers deserve the best foundation–a foundation for opportunities!

Create the solution together

At Barenbrug, service starts with listening to you. Your challenges are our challenges. If you show us your needs and share your ambitions, we’ll create the solution together.

Long-term partnerships

Teamwork is our key to success. Together with our customers, research partners and distribution partners, we can achieve more. Because we know the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Because unique contributions allow us to excel, we invest in long-term partnerships. Did you know some of our customers have been with us for more than 50 years?

We keep learning

We step into your world so that we can meet your needs. What do your animals need? How can we help you create a stunning atmosphere on your golf course? What can you do to repair the turf for the next football match? To offer you the best, we recruit the best. At Barenbrug, we constantly invest in the heart of our company: people. And we never stop learning. Our specialists travel the world to exchange knowledge and experience between themselves and with our customers. Barenbrug employees, independent consultants, advisers, contractors, farmers, field managers: together we take our knowledge to another level. Because people make the difference. How can we help you?

Something to be proud of

“Drought, excessive rain, disease pressure, are just a few issues farmers and ranchers are subject to. All types of weather, and elements come with the job. Farming and ranching is hard work, when the day is done it is something to be proud of. Productive producers provide the consumers with the best and top quality products. When the producers are benefiting from the great technologies like Pinpoint and Nutrifiber, that I was able to share with them, it makes my job even sweeter. Sharing of these solutions and technologies with our customers, makes their work and lives easier.”


Joel Reagan

Professional Forage Product Manager at Barenbrug

Oregon, United States

Find your solution

Our presence on six continents enables us to think globally and act locally.

To find out about your local solutions please check your nearest Barenbrug subsidairy.